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The Trolley Report

Coming soon… Branding. Communication. Promotion.

The Cold Spring Chamber’s Trolley Committee has been hard at work with the goal of increasing trolley user-ability, service, and ridership.

It all started at a Chamber Breakfast Meeting presentation about trolley service. People wondered: How does one ride it? Where does it go? Who is it for? How do you catch it? How much does it cost? Where can I learn more about it?

Out of this breakfast meeting, a group of enthusiastic local entrepreneurs and organizers formed the Chamber Trolley Committee. Lead by committee co-chairs, Rebeca Rimerez and Ann McBride, and powered by volunteer members, Mark Snyder, Ed Glisson, Lydia Langly, Jack Goldstien, and Eliza Starbuck, this Chamber committee defined and targeted achievable goals for this year. This year's goals are as follows: 

  • Brand the Cold Spring Trolley to make it recognizable.

  • Design and produce tri-fold schedules with maps and signage to help residents and visitors understand how to use it and to optimize user-ability.

  • Promote the attractions it connects through social media marketing.

Jack met with the head of transportation at the Putnam County Planning Department to establish a working relationship and volunteer our services with the goal of increasing ridership. Ann volunteered to design the new logo for the trolley (above). Mark was able to organize the schedule in a way that easily expressed the two route loops. Eliza drew a color coded map of the route. And Ann wrapped the logo, map, and schedule into a neat, user-friendly, tri-fold, take-away package. The Chamber will be printing the schedule for distribution in the coming weeks to help customers understand how to ride the trolley. With the trolley season beginning, (it will be running regularly on Saturdays and Sundays through to the fall), these schedules will come in handy. If your business is interested in providing your customers with the new tri-fold route schedules, make a request for copies here.

Lydia volunteered to collect images of the attractions featured at the stops on the route, which she will be promoting through the new Cold Spring Trolley Instagram and Facebook pages, @coldspringtrolleyny and look for our hashtag #coldspringtrolleyny 
If your business is on the trolley route and would like to share images, please email photos to: info(at)

Up next, we hope to tackle signage on the trolley exterior and at trolley stops. Keep a look out for signs of the improvements being made.