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Become part of the growing number of local companies and organizations who are helping students experience the world as they develop their post-high school plans by offering a Haldane senior-high student an internship. Internships provide students with a valuable opportunity to explore career interests, gain on site job experience and exposure, and gives local business owners the chance to mentor and support the next generation of young professionals.

Haldane High School’s ASPIRE Coordinator, Melissa Seideman is looking for businesses to host student interns in the Spring of 2020. Through this program, Haldane students are provided with the opportunity to explore their individual areas of interest, expand their thinking beyond traditional academic conventions, and experience a hands-on understanding of learning and life through the community around them. The internship program gives many students the chance to explore careers or interest areas that might not be available through the regular course selection at Haldane.

While the majority of the assessments will be completed by the student and program coordinator, the individual site sponsor overseeing the student will be asked to sign off on performance hours and complete a brief evaluation at the completion of the experience. The job shadow period is approximately 4-7 weeks, but students may elect to extend the hours and completion date of the internship with your approval.

Next year, the program will run from approximately May 16 - June 10. Some students will start in April and others in May, due to exams or class conflicts. During that time, students are expected to work at their internship sites 20 hours per week, during set times agreed to by the student and employer. Internships may be unpaid – students receive the benefit of the experience they’ll be getting and are working in lieu of school hours.

If you are interested in offering an intern position to Haldane’s ASPIRE program, request a list of site supervisor responsibilities, as well as student responsibilities and a commitment form from Melissa at: mseideman(at)haldaneschool.org

The deadline for next year’s internship business registration is December 1, 2019.

Eliza Starbuck