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Desmond-Fish Library: It's Not Your Shame

A reading and discussion for women who have experienced violence. Finding the alternative story beyond "traumatized victim". Writer Susan Peehl will share portions of her own story and the remarkable path that has led her to embrace what truly is hers while separating out what isn’t. After years of “moving on” there’s much more to be learned from turning back to look.

A poem from Susan's writings, Time marched along. I didn’t have a problem with that. It just seemed the way things were. You moved with it. You moved on. To do otherwise would be to wallow or admit defeat, and have to acknowledge something had happened; something others might see, which was to be avoided at all costs like the menacing shadow threatening my, once sunny, disposition. Better to just keep going, —moving on— so, I complied, until I couldn’t. It’s only then that the sun began to truly shine.

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