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Desmond-Fish Library: Digital Literacy Series, Cut the Cord Workshop

Breaking up is hard to do, but at an upcoming workshop titled Cut the Cord at the Desmond-Fish Public Library, you will learn how saying goodbye to your cable company can save time, money, and your sanity. On Tuesday, July 30th at 6 pm, Digital Services Coordinator Ryan Biracree will take you through an exploration of how streaming channels and smart devices can get you less expensive, more reliable, and more versatile services. You will get a brief tour of the cordless marketplace, and learn how to determine which devices or services are right for your home. You will also learn how to make sure to get the content you want and pay for nothing you don’t (you may never need to watch a commercial again!). This workshop is part of the library's ongoing Digital Literacy Workshop series.

This event is free and everyone is invited to attend. The Desmond-Fish Public Library is located at 472 Route 403 (at the corner of 9D) in Garrison, NY. For more information about any of the library's upcoming programs, please visit