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Desmond-Fish Library & Cold Spring Farmer's Market Pair Up to Offer Repair Cafe

Six repair coaches will be at the Garrison Repair Cafe this Saturday from 9:30 - 12:30 pm at the Cold Spring Farmers Market at Boscobel.   There are no guarantees but together we will have fun and try to keep your item from the landfill.  Our coaches have skills in fixing china, wood furniture repairs such as a loose rung or leg.  Two seamstresses will mend your ripped seams or fix that favorite stuffed animal, fix the quilt or sew on a button. There will also be two jewelers at the event, who will restring beads, put on new clasps or de-tangle your chain along with other jewelry repairs. Lamps and other electrical appliances are the most commonly repaired items at the cafe... but we love a challenge,  bring it on!